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Internet Safety Community Outreach Programs

Internet Safety & Security

How to Safely Navigate the Web in the 21st Century

internet safety and securityIf you’re a member of a civic group, professional organization or senior club, with at least 15 members that meets on a regular basis, and your group is interested in learning more about Internet Safety, contact AITS’s Outreach & Education Office. We’ll be happy to schedule a complimentary presentation on Internet Viruses, Hazards & Scams; How to Safely Navigate the Web in the 21st Century.

Contact Rebecca Long (480) 240-2969

Is Your Personal Information Safe?

  • Are you getting strange pop-ups on your computer screen?

  • Does your machine seem sluggish or unresponsive?

  • Does your machine turn on and boot up when you hit the power button?

  • Have you received phone calls from individuals claiming they’re from a bonafide business, informing you that your computer has been compromised?

  • Do you have effective virus protection software on your computer?
  • Do you back up your data to a secondary storage medium?