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At Advanced IT Solutions, we’ve seen it all. From chiropractic offices and hair salons that lost their entire client database following a system crash, to couples heartbroken after losing invaluable wedding and baby photos. The common denominator in all of these scenarios was miscalculating the critical nature of having a secondary backup system, such as an external hard drive device, to create redundant copies of critical data to guard against data corruption and loss.

Do you back up your data to a secondary storage medium or the virtual Cloud? Whether you’re running a small to medium-sized business, medical practice or you’re a student working on your college dissertation, backing up your critical data is sometimes the only thing standing between you and absolute disaster. And while storing information on the Cloud may be all the rage these days, if you back up your data virtually, your business likely archives some, or all, of its data on servers maintained in an extremely nebulous environment, with no concrete sense of where it is, or who has access to it.

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While having redundant copies of data is always advantageous, we highly recommend storing particularly sensitive information on your own physical server platform at your business facility. The consequence of not having an adequate backup method could be catastrophic for businesses that rely on their technology platform for daily operations. We’ve seen the detrimental results that ensue when people make this miscalculation. By being proactive, you can circumvent such a costly oversight. Data backup ensures maximum security and the ability to restore critical data.

Twenty-twenty hindsight, after you’ve lost your critical data, does nothing to restore the content of your hard drive or missing database. If you’ve made this critical miscalculation, don’t despair! The experts at Advanced IT Solutions can oftentimes recover the important documents, photos and client records that you thought were lost forever.



Being a photographer and writer, my laptop is an essential in my every day life and well-being. So you can only imagine how devastating it was when I brought my crashed laptop to the apple store, and was told that not only did I “NEED to buy a new laptop”, but that all of my work from the past 5 years was “GONE and could NOT be recovered”. Something told me to call around and get a second opinion. I called multiple companies in the area and was given outrageous prices. And I encountered multiple negative attitudes, because I did not understand the technical terminology being used. In tears, I decided to give it one more shot. Based on all of the incredible reviews on this site, I called Mike from Advanced IT Solutions. And let me tell you, he was the breath of fresh air I needed.

Mike listened to me describe the issues in a panic, and instantly calmed me down by thoroughly explaining what was going on with my laptop. His knowledge and his confidence put me at ease in a way that no other IT company had done all morning. He even asked me to bring in the laptop WITHIN THE HOUR, so that he could keep it for the weekend and find out what was going on. He called me promptly on Monday and gave me the BEST news that I could have asked for – that he could perform all of my MacBook Pro repairs, provide a complete rebuild with a custom setup AND perform data recovery on my hard-drive – which was failing and contained malicious software on it. Mike and his team worked for two weeks to complete all of the services and when I picked up my laptop yesterday, he EXCEEDED my expectations. My data was recovered in multiple places, my computer runs like it is brand new, the newest IOS system is installed, security systems are in place and constantly running (without any maintenance that I have to perform), I received a full demonstration of my new machine from Diego (who was an absolute pleasure to work with), I was able to ask as many questions as I needed on my data recovery AND I was given a few extra items JUST for being a loyal customer. And all of this was done at an affordable price, without ANY worry and completed beyond any expectation that I could have set.


Emma Jaye, Google Review

Fantastic! Mike did a fast, free diagnostic on my old computer, advising me that my desktop wasn’t worth fixing because it was ten years old, and I was running an old Windows Operating System. Unfortunately, all my travel pictures and necessary software and documents were in it, and I was reckless enough not to back them up. I sometimes sell art on eBay and Etsy whenever I find the time, and my latest graphics were in it! Of course,  I panicked a little.  I kept putting it off, and then it finally happened. My 10-year-old computer eventually crashed beyond repair! Luckily, Mike was able to replicate the data that was on my outdated computer and placed them in a new, and faster processor. I ended up purchasing a new machine from his store that has more memory, bigger and higher definition monitor, and accessories. He even gave me a complimentary mouse pad with his business logo. Great advertisement and touch! I am now writing this review on my new computer, and I’m very pleased with it. It’s very fast! Highly recommended. I like Windows 7 and loathe Windows 10, so I didn’t upgrade to the latest operating system.  I think Windows 7 is the best operating system and very easy to use.  However, he advised me that even though my new computer is upgradable, faster and better than my old computer, he suggested that I upgrade the operating system sometime in the future because in 2020, watching movies online might become an issue, plus threats are advancing faster than security software! Maybe when that time comes, I’ll upgrade to Windows Cloud when it gets released. I’d be sure to contact Advanced IT Solutions.

Michael F., YelpReview